Wayang Suku Raga

In the city of Sukabumi, West Java, there is a distinctive puppet art that is different from the usual puppet art. The puppets made by an artist from Sukabumi named Efendi feature unique shapes that resemble the eyes, mouth, nose, hands and feet of humans. The philosophy of Efendi’s wayang kulit is a depiction and reflection of the human person through the shape of his limbs. It is an indication of life in bringing a message of goodness Wayang Sukuraga (Suku = Member, Raga = Body), itself is a puppet character consisting of limbs, such as the mouth, eyes, ears, right hand, left hand and feet. As reported by, the character of the limbs is told as a character that creates or dispels social conflicts that are usually done by humans. Travel distance 5.4Km or travel time 15 Minutes
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